Progetto Giovani

‘Progetto Giovani’, an office depending on the Councillorship for Youth Policies of the Municipality of Padua, is structured on services and activities planned, accomplished and targeted to young people.
It started its activities in the eighties and it is now a point with both consolidated services and new created ones.

Some activities carried out by ‘Progetto Giovani’ are:

  • informagiovani (infoYouth) – to obtain information on education and training, work, travels, culture and leisure time;
  • lavoro (job) –  to manage with job-search and an informed choice of one’s professional path;
  • creatività (creativity) – to be able to express oneself freely in various languages: visual arts, writing, video, theatre;
  • spazio Europa (Europe Point) – to live intercultural experiences;
  • progetti (projects) – to give room to ideas and initiatives linked to school, institutions, civil service and the world of voluntary associations.

Head Office:
Centro Culturale Altinate/San Gaetano, via Altinate, 71 (second floor) - Padova
Telephone 049 8204742