Public internet access points

The setting up of Public Points for Internet Navigation aims at offering all citizens the opportunity of easily using this helpful means of communication, and promoting, in the meantime the dialogue with the Institutions.

In order to use an Internet access, upon reservation, when required (see below the conditions of use in the different offices), it is necessary to enroll by showing the operator a valid identity paper.
The enrollment takes place directly in the office where the Internet navigation service is available. It involves the issue of username and password.

Internet access within the Centre

At the BIBLIOTECA CIVICA (Civic Library) - Settore Musei e Biblioteche (Museums and Libraries Dpt. (second floor)
Telephone: 049 8204811

The Internet access in the library is used in respect of the goals and main functions of the library. The service permits the library to satisfy the information and cultural needs of both local communities and individual users. Furthermore, it becomes an information means which supplements the traditional paper and multimedia information sources.

How to make a reservation: each consultation shift lasts 1 hour at most.
The service is guaranteed to all people registered in the City Library System.
It is necessary to book in advance either in person, on the premises, or by telephone: 049 8204805.

Number of Internet workstations : 8